2.5M Round Market Umbrella - Aluminium Frame with Planosol Striped Shade

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Striped Planosol Aluminium
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Product Overview

Experience the Planosol Difference
For the highest quality umbrella fabric, we recommend Planosol - proven over 30 years to be the most reliable outdoor fabric for New Zealand conditions. Key features of Planosol fabric include:
•  Woven from 100% acrylic fibre in Austria, to the highest quality standards •  Air permeable and water repellent •  Highest UV protection, 100% UV blocking •  Easy to clean •  Fade resistant - will show little to no signs of fading if left outside until the 7 year mark •  Peace of mind 7 year guarantee that the fabric will remain rot resistant for 7 years •  Available in the widest range of colours on the market, with both block and striped options • Made to Order - handmade in-house (wait times apply)
•  Concrete or Granite Base • Bolt-down Base • Polyester or Spunacrylic Protective Sleeve
Striped Planosol available in a range of sizes 
2.0m Square  $1589

2.5m Square  $1709

2.5m Round   $1099

3.0m Round  $1299

3.5m Round $1549

4.0m Round $2459
•  The aluminium frame has been strengthened even more than the wooden frame. Utilizing its extensive knowledge and history, Lethaby uses a thick aluminium main pole and reinforces the extra heavy duty ribs. Aluminium Frames
•  48mm pole, made to handle the weight of the fabric and wind •  Super sized ribs, 30mm x 20mm thick plus reinforcing inside of the ribs •  All fittings have been designed to increase rust resistance


(No reviews yet) Write a Review