Masport Osburn 1600 Freestanding Wood Burner with Ashpan

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Product Overview

The built-in ash pan ensures that disposal of ash is easy and convenient.
  • Efficiently heats small to medium sized areas
  • NES, ECAN and ORC Airshed 1 approved
  • Also available in wetback model , clean air approved
  • Large 8mm radiant cook top
  • 12 hour burn time
  • Built in ash pan to collect ash and make disposal easier

Product Specification

Finish Metallic Black VHT
Est. peak output 21.96kW
Approx. heat area 210m2
Emissions 0.7g/kg dry and wet
Efficiency 70% (Dry) 67% (Wet)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 635 x 618 x 743 mm



(No reviews yet) Write a Review