Shadowspec Serenity Rotating Cantilever Umbrella

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Product Overview

Rotate your way to perfect shade with the exceptional design of the Shadowspec Serenity™. Our smart umbrella is designed to be adjustable and enduring. Lighten the load with Shadowlift technology and a built-in LED light.

Precision Engineered Ambience Innovative, modular and exclusive. Effortless protection for prestigious spaces.

The Shadowspec Serenity™ has been designed the careful consideration and consistency. The technology we’ve developed works in perfect harmony to give you the most advanced umbrella deployment system in the industry.

We’re committed to evolving and innovating and our patent-pending technology is a prime example of that, giving you the ability to open or close the Serenity™ in just 3 seconds. The umbrella has been designed to be ready to go right out of the box; install it anywhere in your outdoor space and get the instant benefit of a rotatable shade solution.

100% Sunbrella™ Marine solution-dyed fabric

All fabrics can be cleaned, washed and are replaceable

UV & Fade Resistant

10 year Sunbrella™ warranty

Mould and Mildew Resistant

Weight: 314 g/m2

Sun protection - Skin Cancer Foundation’s seal of approval


(No reviews yet) Write a Review